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Many of you will soon be registering for the PBR Compounding Part 3 review two day course offering for the upcoming January 2021 licensing examination.  As you all are aware this January 2021 exam will be virtual again as it was in August.  The PBR Part 3 compounding two day course offering has been again modified to reflect the virtual exam format.  PBR will continue to track and adjust to changes in exam format.  PBR is very happy to report that it had a remarkable pass rate on the last virtual exam out performing other preparation courses and to colleges of pharmacy in NYS.  We have been in business of getting students ready for the Part 3 examinations for over 25 years and this year will be no different.  What's even more rewarding to all of us at PBR is that we have had this impressive 25 plus year track record working with course participants who are not graduates of NYS colleges of pharmacy.  Over 70% of our course participants are out-of-state graduates and graduates trained abroad.  With you help we will continue our extraordinary pass rate.

Good luck on the Part 3 Exam.

Dr. Cutie
Course Director


Pharmacy Board Review offers a variety of specialized courses and customized learning programs to help you get a jumpstart on your chosen career.

PBR has help over 20,000 pharmacists with licensing in New York, New Jersey and Florida.


Services and Lectures

PBR offers review classes for NYS Law and NYS Part III Compounding Exam.

Lecture notes are available for all classes if a lecture date is inconvenient for attendance.

NOTE The PBR review class should not be confused with any LIU programs for LIU students.  These are distinct and different review classes having different study materials.  If you have any questions please contact us.

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PBR offers notes for the following subjects:


New York State Law, New Jersey State Law and Florida State Law 

NYS Part III - Compounding Review

Math package - for NAPLEX® and NYS Part III Exam



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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions we've gotten in the past regarding our services and products.

If we didn't answer your questions here than don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone call.

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NYS Part III Exam

For more information on NYS Part III Examination such as:

Changes to Part III examination.

Useful information for Graduates interested in taking Part III (e.g. application, deadline date)

Helpful links to videos on calculations for Part III.

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Review courses are held at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus in the Health Science Building, room 121.

Registration begins at 8 A.M. unless otherwise specified.


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(718) 488 - 1626


Call (718) 488-1626 the morning of scheduled class date to listen for any cancellations due to severe inclement weather.

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