Pharmacy Board Review 

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 Compounding Review

New York State Part III - Programs: B, C, D, E

The New York State Board of Pharmacy unlike other state board of pharmacy requires all candidates who elect to license by examination to take and pass a compounding examination.  This exam is administered over two days. 

Day 1 candidates are tested on drugs that look-a-like and/or sound-a-like (commonly referred to as "look-alike-sound-alike drugs" (LASADs) vauled at 8 points, Prescription Errors and Omissions (E&O) valued at 20 points, and on assessing patient profiles for drug interactions, adverse reactions and patient safety issues valued at 12 points (3 profiles four points each). 

****Note: Day 1 is included in our program designated B, B/BL, C, D, or E

Day 2 candidates are tested on the calculations, labeling and actual preparation of sterile IV preparations (USP 797), capsules, suspensions/syrups and topical preparations.  There are three prescriptions per examination, each valued at 20 points for a total of 60 points.  PBR prepares candidates for both days in its two day offering identified as Program B/BL.
****Note: Day 2 is included in our program designated B/BL, D, or E

Review Dates

             Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 8 AM - 3 to 4 PM     


             Saturday, December 8, 2018 - 8 AM - 3 to 4 PM


»  Dr. Anthony J. Cutie