Pharmacy Board Review 

P.O. Box 21235, Brooklyn, NY 11202-1235


Registration Form

This form must be received by the PBR Office (P.O. Box 21235, Brooklyn, NY 11202-1235)     7 days prior to the course offering to avoid a $25.00 late fee. 

We do not accept credit cards or online registrations.

There is a $40 service charge for all returned checks.

On-Site Registration is permitted but limited and requires a $50 late fee paid in cash at the door.

DO NOT send registered mail,  it will only delay registration.

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Course Date(s) Program Code Subtotal

Add $25.00 if you would like notes sent to you early, or have purchased the note(s) previously and now decided to take the course.
Notes will NOT be sent if payment is sent 3 weeks before class date(s).
  Otherwise notes are given out when you attend lecture.

Please make all checks payable to: Pharmacy Board Review

Order total:

Please list ONLY the date(s) when you will be first attending EACH course.  This is when your set of notes will be reserved for you.  If you wish to retake the course than you MUST notify us via email 7 days prior to any class date(s). 

Name: _______________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________________________________
Email: _______________________________________________________________
School Attended _______________________________________________________________
Graduation Date:  Month/Year _______________________________________________________________

*Cancellation Policy:  PBR reserves the right to charge $60 for any cancellations.  All cancellations^ must be made at least 3 business days prior to the course date via telephone (718) 858-2021 or  e-mail (  ^EXCEPTION:  There are no refunds for the hands-on compounding course.