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Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmacy Board Review Policies, Recommendations & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
*Retake Policy:  Students must notify PBR via e-mail to pbradministrator@pharmacyboardreview.com at least 7 days prior to the course date.  Students may re-take Programs A and/or B up to one year from date of first attendance except for the hands-on compounding course for a nominal fee of $95.  There is no discount for the hands-on compounding laboratory program (if you wish to re-take the hands-on than you will need to pay for the full amount for hands-on).
*Cancellation Policy:  PBR reserves the right to charge $125 for any cancellations*, call cancellations** must be made at least 7 business days prior to the course date via telephone (718)488-1626 or email (pbradministrator@pharmacyboardreview.com).  EXCEPTION:  There are no refunds for the hands-on compounding course.
Recommendations for students from outside NY State:  Students from outside of NYS enrolling in any PBR program shoudl asked to have the notes sent in advance of the program to familarize yourself with the material.  THere is an additional fee of $25 for mailing the notes in advance of the formal course.
1) Can I register on-line?  No, you must print the PBR form and mail in with a check.
2)  Should I send my payment by registered mail?  No, it will only take longer to reach the PBR office.
3)  Can I use a credit card to enroll?  No, the payment must be paid by check or money order.
4)  Do I have to notify PBR if I care to repeat a program and pay the $95 fee?  Yes, we want to be sure there are sufficient handouts for all participants.
5)  How long does it take to get the notes I ordered?  All course notes are mailed out within three days of receiving payment via priority mail.
6)  How long does it take for me to notify I am enrolled in a PBR program?  Five to seven working days.  Notification will be via email.
7)  Can I enroll "on site" for a PBR program?  Yes, for all programs other than the compounding laboratory program (BL).  All onsite registration payments must be made in cash and must include the late fee.
8)  Can I pay by credit card?  No, we only accept cashier's check, money order or personal check.
9)  Can I pay with check from a non-United States bank?  No, money order must be sent instead.
HomeCourse OfferingsFee ScheduleRegistration FormLecture NotesPart III Changes 2016
Application for LicensureDirectionsFrequently Asked Questions