Pharmacy Board Review Policies, Recommendations & Frequently Asked Questions

*Retake Policy: Students must notify PBR via e-mail to at least 7 days prior to the course date. Students may re-take Program(s) A and/or B up to one year from the date of first attendance except for the hands-on compounding course at a 20 percent discount.

*Cancellation Policy: PBR reserves the right to charge $125 (plus the cost of the notes) for any cancellations* within 4 weeks of course offering and $250 (plus the cost of the notes) within 5 days of course offering, notify us of cancellations via telephone (718)488-1626 or email at EXEPTION: There are no refunds once you have taken the course.  Refunds for tutorial courses must be discuss with Dr. Cutie. 

Recommendation for students from outside NY State: Students from outside of NYS enrolling in any PBR program should ask to have the notes sent in advance of the program to familiarize yourself with the material.  You will receive the notes within 5 to 7 business days from the day you register.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Can I register or buy notes on-line?  YES, follow the link to pay via PayPal.


2) Do I have to notify PBR if I care to repeat a program and pay the $195 fee in advance of the class date?   YES, we want to be sure there are sufficient handouts for all participants.


3)  How long does it take to get the notes I ordered?  All course notes are mailed out within three days of receiving payment via priority mail and will most likely be received within 5 to 7 days.  A tracking number will be supplied via email.


4)  How long does it take for me to be notified that I am enrolled in a PBR program?  Five to seven working days. Notification will be via email.


5)  Can I pay with a check from a non-United States bank?  NO, money order must e sent instead.


6)  Are notes included for the ZOOM classes?  Yes, once you have registered we will send out the notes and you would most likely receive it within 5 to 7 business days.


7)  Will the notes include a confirmation number?  Yes, we will provide you with the confirmation number and it is your responsibility to track the package to receive it.  Contact us via email at if you did not receive your package but there is a confirmed delivery, there will be a fee for resending the notes.


8)  When permitted to have classroom setting lectures again than can I enroll "on-site" for PBR program?  YES, for all programs other than the compounding laboratory program (BL). All onsite registration payments must be made in cash and must include the late fee of $50.