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Cancellation Policy: PBR reserves the right to charge $125 (plus the cost of the notes) for any cancellations* within 4 weeks of course offering and $250 (plus cost of notes) within 5 days of course offering.  Cancellations* must be made via telephone (718)488-1626 or email us at
*EXCEPTION: There are no refunds for the hands-on compounding course.  Refunds for tutorial course(s) must be discuss with Dr. Cutie.

Recommendations for students from outside NY State: Students from outside of NYS enrolling in any PBR program should ask to have the notes sent in advance of the program date to familiarize yourself with the material. We will send out the notes as soon as you register.

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WARNING:  PBR is aware of some less than ethical individuals distributing notes as "PBR notes" that are incomplete, outdated and contain erroneous information.  We warn you of not using these notes found on the internet and we at PBR are taking action against those unethical individuals who are distributing them.  This type of unprofessional activity by a pharmacist or pharmacy student is being pursue by our legal department and PBR will be reporting this activity to the appropriate agencies and boards of pharmacy.  This is in clear violation of federal copy rights violation statute: 17 U.S. Code Title 17.  Those found violating Title 17 will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law civilly and professionally. 

New York State Law Review - Video Base Learning

*****Pharmacy Board Review is pleased to announce a fourth alternative program in preparing New York State MPJE Law examination.  In addition to purchasing our NYS MPJE Law review notes, or taking regularly scheduled NYS MPJE Law review classes and tutoring, we are now offering a more user-friendly review video-based review program.  Our recently updated (January 1, 2022) have been prerecorded and is available the third week of every month on Sunday

The videos cover all topics (NYS law, DOH regulations, Federal law, immunization and much more) needed to prepare for the NYS MPJE examination. 

The new program includes the course notes (need to be purchased 10 days prior to course date to ensure on time delivery) and access to pre-recorded videos every third Sunday of the month that brings the notes to life with emphasis on specific topics and tricks on how to be ready for the exam.  The fee for the new course is less than the live ZOOM course that we offer. ******


Every Third Sunday of the month- schedule after you received notes

Notes will be sent prior to class.  We will not guaranteed notes will be mailed in time if you register within 10 days of any class date.  

The specifics on how to access videos will be emailed 48 hours prior to any class date.

Private Tutorial

Private Tutorial for NYS MPJE Law Review

 **This includes the Video Base Self Learning course as described above, review notes and 6 semi private session (1-3 hours per session via ZOOM)**

Limited enrollment - up to 5 candidate


Notes for Purchase


Notes(s) are available for purchase for all classes we offer if class date(s) is inconvenient for attendance.

Law Note(s) available for purchase in the following States.  All state law notes will include federal law notes as well:

  • New York State Law
  • New Jersey State Law
  • Florida State Law
  • Federal Law

We offer Math Notes to prepare you for NAPLEX® and NYS Part III exam.   Math notes include the following subjects: test taking strategies, pharmaceutics, IV infusion rates and TPN calculations.


We also offer NAPLEX® Notes. Notes include the following subjects: pharmaceutics calculations, herbals and OTCs, pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacoeconomics, comprehensive calculation review, pharmacokinetics (PK), IV infusion rates and TPN calculations.


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