June 2020 Graduates Important Notice
NYS Part III Licensing Exam

Students who intend to take Part III of the NYS Board Exam in June 2021, MUST file by April 1st, 2021 the following TWO applications.


1)  The Scantron application (Fee of $215)take-a-test/entry/NYSED-Pharmacy

 Click here to link to Scantron


2) The NYS Board Application (Fee of $339)

Click here to link to Office of Professions (NYS Board Application) 

Click here for FAQs on Pharmacist Licensure Exam provided by NYS OP. 

If these forms are not filed by these dates (NYS Education and ScantronTM by April 1st you will not be permitted to take the Part III exam in June 2021.  You will have to wait until January 2022.


NAPLEX® and MPJE® applications must also be filed, but there are no specific deadlines.  Procrastination on you part to filed these applications delays your testing dates for these examinations and obviously your licensing and last but not lease your opportunity to earn the salary you worked for and deserve.