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Lecture Note(s)

Order lecture note(s) if class schedule is inconvenient for attendance. If you want to attend the live lectures than please follow the appropriate link(s) for registration and prices.

In using these notes we recommend that you first visit the website of the state you are seeking licensing in and then visit NAPB website to carefully examine the blue print for the MPJE® and/or NAPLEX® examination.

If you would like to register for the lecture classes than click on the link below.  We offer MPJE® NY State Law & NYS compounding lectures via ZOOM.  Register Today

WARNING:  PBR is aware of some less than ethical individuals distributing notes as "PBR notes" that are incomplete, outdated and contain erroneous information.  We warn you of not using these notes found on the internet and we at PBR are taking action against those unethical individuals who are distributing them.  This type of unprofessional activity by a pharmacist or a pharmacy student is being pursue by our legal department and PBR will be reporting this activity to the appropriate agency and boards of pharmacy.  This is in clear violation of federal copy rights violation statue: 147 U.S. Code Title 17.  Those found violating Title 17 will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law civilly and professionally.


Lecture Notes
Quantity Price

(Includes: Comprehensive calculation review (pharmaceutics calculations, TPN calculations, pharmacokinetics, pharmacoeconomics) .  Common disease state and Infectious disease review.  Includes 28 pages of review cheat sheets covering common medications and information likely to be on NAPLEX®.
Examples of Cheat Sheets
1 $450
New York Sate Law*

Includes:  NYS law, Federal law, Controlled substance law and Immunization.

1 $265
New Jersey State Law*

Includes: NJ State Law and Federal Law.

1 $265
Florida State Law*

Includes: Florida State Law and Federal Law.

1 $265
Pharmaceutical Calculations

Includes:  Comprehensive calculation review that will prepare you for NAPLEX® and NYS Part III exam.  Includes: test taking strategies, pharmaceutics calculations, IV infusion rate calculations and TPN calculations. 

1 $265
Federal Law Notes

Includes: A set of Federal Law Notes as it pertains to pharmacy.  These set of notes is relevant in every state in the USA.

These notes are included if purchasing NYS Law, NJS Law or Florida State Law notes.

These include a set of Federal Law Notes